Callidus Incinerator Controls Implementation



Business Issue

The client was faced with new mandated MACT requirements to improve air quality and a need for higher incineration capacity at their plant.

Project Summary

The project involved the use of DeltaV to control the combustion control, BMS, and all other functionality of the new Callidus incinerator.  Cornerstone Controls project group coordinated their efforts with the client, the electrical installation contractor, computer system validation contractor, and local control system configuration vendors.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls was responsible for the following areas:

  • Under separate contract, furnished the automation cost estimate for the Capital Budget Request including coordination of all subcontractor costs.
  • Provide project management of the automation effort and manage subcontractors, which included vendors for electrical installation, computer system validation, and control system configuration.
  • Develop and maintain the project schedule.
  • Develop and maintain the project execution plan.
  • Conduct project review meetings.
  • Provide project status reports.
  • Provide the DeltaV system BOM.
  • Procure the DeltaV components and associated control panels.
  • Work with Callidus on the system functional requirements and provide automation functional requirements.
  • Provide a DeltaV based Burner Management System.
  • Work with Callidus on the instrumentation and I/O list.
  • Provide system architecture drawings.
  • Assign the card/channel assignments on the DeltaV system and maintain the I/O list from Callidus once it has been approved until startup.
  • Provide operator interface design.
  • Provide a control system design specification.
  • Establish Data Historian and Reporting needs with the client.
  • Establish RAS needs with the client.
  • Help facilitate FM Approval.
  • Provide the DCS configuration and simulation along with the control system configuration vendor.
  • Provide a software test plan (FAT test plan).
  • Integrate and test the BMS and control system.
  • Create a recommended spare parts list.
  • Provide a support procedures document.
  • Assist with onsite testing and commissioning.


Incinerator meets the client’s functional requirements and passes environmental agency testing requirements.