Emerson RS3 to Emerson DeltaV Conversion utilizing the DeltaV RS3 I/O Interface. 



Business Issue

The customer purchased an existing manufacturing facility.  Emerson RS3, the DCS system in that facility, must be upgraded in order to be in compliance with the safety regulations within the company.  The DeltaV platform, selected to replace the RS3 system, will provide greater automation flexibility and some advance control capabilities.  Due to production demands, it is essential to minimize production downtime during the switchover.

Project Summary

The current control system was an Emerson Process Management RS3 system.  The new system is an Emerson Process Management DeltaV system, utilizing the DeltaV RS3 I/O Interface.  This allows the existing RS3 I/O modules and field wiring to remain in place which minimized the switchover time.  Cornerstone Controls provided services to create the System Design documentation, configure the DeltaV system, develop DeltaV system graphics, test the DeltaV configuration software, test the DeltaV graphics and conduct a Factory Acceptance Test.  Cornerstone verified power and grounding, and terminated and tested all communication wiring. System commissioning included the execution of Installation Protocols (including loop checks) and Operation Protocols.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls was responsible for the following areas:

  • Project management.
  • Update the RS3 based Functional Requirements based on the DeltaV DCS platform.
  • System Design Specifications.
  • System Hardware design.
  • System configuration and coding.
  • Integration testing using Mimic simulation tools.
  • Factory Acceptance testing using Mimic simulation tools.
  • Hardware & software installation support.
  • System Commissioning activities.


The control system was successfully upgraded to DeltaV using the RS3 I/O.  Production was back up and running as planned.