Fluidized Bed Reactor – Provox to DeltaV Conversion


Chemical, Food & Beverage

Business Issue

This was a fast track project where a fluidized bed reactor was relocated from the customer’s OUS facility to the United States in order to meet increasing consumer demands.  The control system was converted from Provox to DeltaV to provide consistency across their plant site and to reduce maintenance costs.

Project Summary

The fluidized bed reactor (FBR) is required to run over 20 different products and interface with upstream supply systems and downstream distribution/packaging systems.  The FBR had to be in full production eleven weeks after the equipment ran the final production batch in the previous location.  The controls equipment and control panel had to be supplied prior to the arrival of the FBR.  The DeltaV software had to be configured, simulated, tested (including customer acceptance testing) prior to the eleven week deadline.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls was responsible for the following areas:

  • Specifying and supplying all DeltaV control equipment.
  • Designing and delivering the control panel which was built by an outside panel builder under Cornerstone’s guidance.
  • Performing complete panel and network cabling checks prior to and after powering up the control system.
  • Creating the requirements/design document by analyzing the Provox code used to operate the FBR in the previous facility.  The requirements/design document was reviewed, modified and approved by the customer prior to the start of code development.
  • Writing and testing software using DeltaV with Mimic simulation.  The existing DeltaV code used on other processes within the plant was used as the basis of the programming standards for this project.  The batch programming followed S88 standards.
  • Installing and commissioning the servers and workstations where DeltaV was installed.
  • Startup assistance with I/O checkout, loop tuning, and operational testing.
  • Staying on site through the completion of multiple batches of product.
  • Training three shifts of Operators on the FBR functionality with DeltaV.


The equipment software and startup were delivered on time.  The FBR ran production per the customer’s schedule.