Combined Cycle Peaking Plant



Business Issue

The country’s power needed to be increased because the customer could not adequately be supported with existing power plants.  Faced with tighter EPA requirements and the high capital costs of coal burning facilities, the client built numerous peaking plants, which are cleaner, require less capital, and can be brought on and off-line to accommodate seasonal and hourly power demand fluctuations. 

Project Summary

The Combined Cycle Peaking Plant consists of the following.

  • Two power blocks, each with two gas turbines
  • HRSG
  • Steam turbine
  • Capable of producing 1300 megawatts

A DeltaV digital automation system is used to control the balance of the plants as well as to interface other systems in the plants such as the Mark VI and CEMS system. Data is archived for reporting purposes and shared with dispatch where it is used to make logistical decisions for the enterprise.


Plant startup was on time, within budget and is currently one of the most used peaking plants within the fleet.