Outage Management and Turnaround



Business Issue

A major utility needed to manage a scheduled outage with limited manpower, a tight budget, and limited information.  There was uncertainty when the next outage would occur, making it important from a reliability, heat-rate and efficiency standpoint to maximize maintenance on critical equipment.

Project Summary

Eight weeks prior to the scheduled outage date, 30 of the most critical control valves scheduled for maintenance were discussed.  Traditional work practice included ordering and replacing parts, reassembling, and putting the valves in service.  These critical valves were put into comprehensive spare parts lists. While some parts were readily available, others needed to be machined.  On the first day of the outage, all 30 valves were FlowScanned and the performance data analyzed.  Based on this analysis, a required parts and maintenance plan was put into place  Emerson Instrument and Valve Services personnel were on-site the following day to perform the required maintenance activities.  Upon completion of the repairs, the valves were recalibrated and FlowScanned to ensure proper operability.

Scope Responsibility

  • Cornerstone Controls Support Services
  • Cornerstone Controls MRO
  • Emerson Process Management Instrument & Valve Services
  • Caterpillar Logistical Systems (Fisher Controls Spare Parts Warehouse)
  • Emerson Process Management Parts Action Center


  • Only 20 of 30 valves scheduled for maintenance required installation of new internals. 
  • Seven valves required minimal work to positioners and/or actuators and did not require new internals. 
  • Three valves were replaced when test data indicated severe internal damage. 
  • Work was completed one week prior to start-up, and under budget.