Pharmaceutical Lab Monitoring System



Business Issue

In the Product Development Laboratory, equipment failure or environmental system failures, if not detected early, can result in costly product losses.   Failures in the labs would also result in lengthy delays to the product development schedule. 

A lab monitoring system was needed to monitor and notify the appropriate person in order to quickly address any problems.

Project Summary

The Lab Monitoring project was implemented to monitor the equipment and development lab environments for refrigeration, room temperature, humidity and pressure failures in lab areas.  The system initiates an emergency call to maintenance support personnel and supervisors when an out-of-specification condition exists so that it can be addressed before the product is damaged.

Information from the monitoring system is also used as supporting information for the product validation.

The system consists of a DeltaV system with remote I/O interfaces to the various lab rooms and equipment.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls was responsible for the following areas:

  • Overall DeltaV automation project management.
  • Automation engineering design and development of DeltaV monitoring system. 
  • Hardware Design and build for the DeltaV enclosure and the remote I/O panels.
  • Software validation including:
    •  Design Specifications
    • Source Code Review
    • Test Cases
    • Qualifications
    • Startup and Commissioning


The system successfully monitors the equipment and notifies the maintenance support personnel and supervisors when out-of-specification conditions exist.