Asset management activities, which include digital control system and field instrumentation; implementation of Smart Process boiler controls.



Business Issue

Client’s process provides mission critical utilities to the downstream steel making process, which includes power and steam used for the process and as energy for a variety of rotating equipment used to process raw steel. Reliability of the client’s process is the number one critical success factor, as the customer is in a sold-out condition with its end users and interruption of steam production has a major and immediate impact on the facilities production of the final product. The process is a challenging multi-fuel boiler arrangement that experiences significant swings in availability and delivery of fuel gases.

Project Summary

Client utilized Cornerstone Controls Asset Management services to ensure reliability of operations for critical process control assets surrounding their boilers.  Assets addressed in this program included critical control valves on boiler and balance of plant applications, process instrumentation (pressure, flow, temp, etc...), analytical equipment, the PLC-based burner management system and the DeltaV digital control system.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls Asset Management program is an on-going service engagement that includes predictive, preventive, and reactive maintenance scopes of supply. The overall scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Controls valve diagnostics on critical boiler and balance of plant control valves during rolling schedule of outages among the 12 boilers on site.
    • Pre-outage walk-throughs to confirm operational status of the devices while in service.
    • Interviews with operations and maintenance personnel as to any impending issues with the installed assets.
    • Control valve diagnostics and interpretation during outages using Fisher FLOWSCANNER for non-smart control valve and AMS On-Line software for HART smart assets.
    • Oversight of repair and replacement activities including management of client on-site inventory stock and management of repair logistics within Emerson Instrument and Valve Service organization.
  • Preventive maintenance activities on the DeltaV control system including execution of PM work practice on all DeltaV critical assets and database backups including validation.
  • Inventory management of critical DeltaV spare workstations.
  • Reactive maintenance via on-call emergency response system for control system, BMS, and field device issues.
  • Instrumentation and controls system commissioning services for re-instrumentation of critical boiler instruments and implementation of DeltaV Smart Process boiler control package.


Client has experienced significant improvement in process reliability within the power and utilities area as a result of the asset management efforts and implementation of the Emerson Smart Process boiler controls. Boiler trips have been reduced significantly, and the client is experiencing a higher degree of efficiency in maintenance activities surrounding their outages as a result of the Asset Management program. Next steps include enabling the predictive diagnostics capability inherent to the customer’s DeltaV system, including the AMS On-Line software, configuration of meaningful alerts within various HART based field devices, and enabling DeltaV inspect functionality.  Additional system reliability improvements will center on alarm management activities and increasing the robustness of the DeltaV control system power, grounding, and PC environment.