Coater Kitchen Process Automation


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Business Issue

The client is upgrading the automation controls on an existing Coater Kitchen process. In addition, the client is planning on acquiring a used boiler and implementing it with the same control platform as selected for the Coater Kitchen. The anticipated business results are to: install a reliable process control system, reduce operating costs, provide the best control system life value through industry standard solutions, and ease of use software.

Project Summary

The project includes engineering services, DeltaV controllers, workstations, I/O cards, and a sub-panel for mounting the controllers and I/O cards. The sub-panel was designed to fit in an existing enclosure. The Cornerstone Controls project group coordinated their efforts with the client to provide system design, development, and testing.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls was responsible for the following areas associated with the project:

  • Project management.
  • Functional Requirements document
  • System Design Specifications
  • System Hardware design and drawings
  • System configuration and coding
  • Integration testing using Mimic simulation tools
  • Factory Acceptance testing using Mimic simulation tools
  • Operator Training using Mimic simulation tools
  • Hardware & software installation support
  • System Commissioning support


The installation and commissioning was completed on schedule and without incident. The new control system has met the client’s expectations of reliability, industrial standard solution, and ease of use.