Trane Incinerator MACT Upgrade



Business Issue

The client was faced with new mandated MACT requirements to improve air quality. This project implemented controls to comply with MACT requirements on an incinerator Cornerstone had previously upgraded with DeltaV controls.  A Cooling Tower also needed to be added.

Project Summary

The project involved the use of DeltaV to control the Combustion Control components of the Trane incinerator and Cooling Tower.  Cornerstone Controls' project group coordinated their efforts with the client and the electrical and mechanical design firm.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls’ responsibilities included in the following areas:

  • Develop I/O list based on furnished information.
  • Assign card/channels to I/O.
  • Provide changes to the existing design specification document.
  • Provide changes to the existing panel drawings.
  • Provide changes to the existing DeltaV System Architecture Drawing.
  • Assist in source code review.
  • Provide DeltaV application software changes.
  • Provide software test plan.
  • Provide software test cases.
  • Execute software test cases.
  • Provide a test summary report.
  • Provide FAT plan.
  • Lead FAT execution.
  • Provide hardware qualification document.
  • Execute hardware qualification.
  • Provide support for the IQ and OQ.
  • Provide support for CEMS testing and integration.
  • Support update of training materials as needed.
  • Setup MIMIC system.
  • Develop and maintain the project schedule of associated Cornerstone activities.
  • Conduct project review meetings as needed.
  • Provide project status reports.
  • Provide cost estimate data for Cornerstone activities and associated materials.
  • Provide the DeltaV system BOM.
  • Procure the DeltaV components.
  • Provide input to the functional requirements document.
  • Create a recommended spare parts list.
  • Loop tuning.


Incinerator meets the client’s functional requirements and passes environmental agency testing requirements.