University Power House and Utilities - Controls Migration



Business Issue

Obsolete and unreliable Power House legacy Distributed Control System with the need to address aging and costly consoles, along with providing a scalable process automation system for future growth.

Project Summary

Existing installed system consisted of 5 operator interface units, 15 control processors, supporting 5000 total system tags.  Migration to new process control system was phased over eight years to align with utilities budget plan and scheduled projects. 
First project involved the update of controls on a gas peaking boiler.  The next phase addressed Y2K issues with the replacement of all consoles.  Over the next 6 years, all process unit controls were migrated and cut-over to the new process controllers.  Processing units include:

  • (2) Stoker Boilers, 215K #/hr each
  • (1) CFB Boiler, 200K #/hr
  • (1) Gas/Oil Boiler, 215K #/hr
  • Coal conveying, 200 ton/hr
  • (3) generators, total 40MW
  • (9) Chillers, total 28,000 ton-hr
  • Demineralization system
  • Ash Handling

Scope Responsibility

DeltaV process automation system includes the following:

  • (1) Engineering server
  • (1) Historian server
  • (10) Operator workstations
  • (21) controller nodes
  • (4500) Device Signal Tag database
  • Fiber Optic network interface to Remote Satellite Chiller building
  • The DeltaV solution maintained an interface from the new operator workstations to the legacy control processors for eight (8) years during the phased migration.


  • The migration solution provided a seamless operational transition as consoles and controllers were cutover in an eight year period.
  • The DeltaV scaleable system allowed for distributed control, preserving wiring and optimizing cutover.
  • The migration solution allowed for operations to perform transition within their budget and project plan.