Low Flow Service



Business Issue

A utility was required to meet start-up and low load operating conditions for a hospital.  If the regulators failed to meet the specifications, the utility would be forced to increase line pressure from the main and would be forced with outage costs relating to relighting a major end-user.

Project Summary

Product that had been specified was not working properly on low flow and low load applications.  After viewing the installation and specifications Cornerstone was brought in to discuss the situation.  Fisher Controls Regulator Division was consulted and a solution was provided to the customer.  Fisher EZRs with PRX pilots were installed.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls was responsible for the project management of the design and implementation of the new product technology into standards. 

Fisher Controls Regulator Division was responsible for consulting and engineering support in start-up.


  • Regulator station has performed to specifications since the upgrade. 
  • Weather conditions have required large swings in gas volume.
  • Regulators have held pressure to meet load requirements.