Control System Replacement



Business Issue

An existing Waste Water Treatment process was upgraded.  As part of that expansion, the existing control system (a Modicon PLC with an Intellution FIX32 SCADA system) was also replaced by DeltaV to take advantage of its advanced features.  In addition, the control system had reached the end of its useful life.  Obtaining parts and support for the equipment was difficult and plant resources were being consumed by the increasing challenges created by the aging systems. 

Project Summary

The resulting process is a continuous operation including:

  • Tank controls
  • Lift station pump sequence control
  • API separators
  • DNF tanks
  • Caustic and acid tanks

A DeltaV system was purchased and installed to replace the existing obsolete control system.  The new system was utilized to control the enhanced Waste Water Treatment process and the existing FIX32 graphics were migrated to DeltaV iFix.  The plant was successfully commissioned and is maintained using current technology.

Scope Responsibility

Project management activities included:

  • Scope Management
  • Budget Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Installation management

Hardware design of the new DeltaV system included:

  • System Architecture Drawing
  • Panel layout and wiring design
  • Interfacing to existing PLCs
  • Software design, development and integration
  • Installation/Integration of new DeltaV control panels
  • Onsite commissioning


The Waste Water Treatment process upgrade was implemented, and the DeltaV control system successfully replaced the obsolete Modicon PLC and SCADA system with minimal impact to the production schedule.