Capacity Increase Project



Business Issue

To meet the rising demand for insulin, the client initiated a project to increase the capacity at the existing facility by:

  • Replacing existing process steps with new equipment
  • Adding new equipment to expand capacity of existing process cells and improved existing process productivity
  • Replacing the existing obsolete Measurex control system with a DeltaV DCS system

Project Summary

The project included design and development of the hardware and software for the DCS system. All of the process cells for the capacity expansion were installed and automated, and then validated prior to the scheduled production shutdown.

The expectation of client was that design, development, and testing would be complete for all systems / controllers / process cells prior to shutdown. The shutdown would be used only for the tasks that could not be performed during normal production, i.e. intrusive construction, rewiring from Measurex to DeltaV I/O, IQOQ, and Form-0 testing (Process Qualification).

The project team was located at the client's facility and worked on an integrated team along with the client and other third party contractors.

Scope Responsibility

As part of the integrated project team, Cornerstone Controls provided the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Project Manager - Responsible for managing the Cornerstone Controls team on site and working with the client Project Manager to resolve any issues
  • Process Cell Owner – Responsible for the ensuring the application software meets the requirements of the end user including developing the Functional Requirements and overseeing the design and development through installation and startup
  • Design Leads – Responsible for overseeing the design and development of the software to ensure that it meets the functional requirements and that it is developed in accordance with the coding standards
  • Designer/Testers - responsible for batch code development, developing test scripts and executing formal tests
  • System Administrator – Responsible for managing the production and development DCS systems including initial setup of equipment, configuration and accounts, loading all application software, performing system maintenance activities such as daily backups
  • Support Services – Responsible for assisting with the setup and testing of the DCS system hardware, Foundation Fieldbus consulting, Commissioning support
  • Project Management Assistant – Responsible for project time tracking and reporting, Schedule maintenance, Project Change Request tracking, and project invoicing