Dry Products Manufacture - New Production Facility



Business Issue

The client was faced with projected demand for a new anti-depressant drug that could not be met without greatly expanding their manufacturing capacity. This fast-track project constituted a major part of the effort to meet this need by constructing a new production facility in a new building at an existing site.

Project Summary

The project involved the use of GEA-Niro supplied Fluid Bed Dryer Suite together with various utility systems that supported the manufacturing operation. The facility incorporates a fluid bed processor with separate process inserts for coating and drying; spraying systems; product handling systems; wash-in-place (WIP) / clean-in-place (CIP); and integrated process control automation systems The Cornerstone Controls project group coordinated their efforts with the client, the primary site contractor, GEA-Niro installation and startup personnel, validation personnel, and the data archiving contractor.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls was responsible for the following areas associated with the project:

  • Project Management of the fast-track project
  • Automation engineering design and development of Rockwell ControlLogix PLC and Rockwell RSView HMI systems for:
    • The Purified Water Distribution System
    • The Waste Neutralization System
    • The Water for Operations System (WFO)
  • Design, assembly, and testing of PLC and remote control panels
  • Design of the overall communication architecture for the facility
  • Design and layout of ControlNet, DeviceNet, and remote I/O data communication networks
  • Integration of the controls for the purified water and waste systems into the overall control architecture of the plant, including configuring and security protocol for the GEA-Niro production system
  • Configuration of the historian database for the purified water distribution system
  • Factory Acceptance Testing


Production started up on time and achieved the specified volumes