Fermentation Pilot Plant Move and Upgrade



Business Issue

The client had an existing Fermentation Pilot Plant which was used to develop yield improvements in the scale up production of the fermented products.  The facility containing the pilot plant was scheduled for demolition and a new home was to be constructed to house the equipment. Additionally, the pilot plant was being controlled by a 1970’s era HP Level 1 control system and was to be upgraded to the latest DeltaV technology.

Project Summary

The project included total design, development and commissioning of all facets of Hardware and Software on the 30 Ferementors and associated Feed and Utility systems.  Cornerstone was contracted to act as the client representative and to work with and approve deliverables from an A&E firm as well as provide software and hardware deliverables. The automation system installed included 800 new instruments and 1425 I/O points.  Some of the existing instrumentation was moved from the original location and kept as part of the new control system.

Scope Responsibility

The project team was located at the customer’s facility and worked as an integrated team along with the customer and other third party contractors.  As part of the integrated project team, Cornerstone Controls provided the following roles and responsibilities: 

  • Project Management
  • Construction coordination
  • Instrument and electrical design review
  • DeltaV Panel design and build
  • Computer system validation
  • Software design
  • Software configuration
  • Software simulation
  • Software testing
  • Software Factory Acceptance Testing
  • System Wide Configuration design and development
  • Network infrastructure design and development
  • Operator Training
  • DeltaV hardware installation and qualification
  • System startup support


The new equipment and associated control system was operational within 6 months of shutdown of the Pilot Plant at the old location. The site was producing yield improvements immediately upon startup of the new facility.