Power Boiler MACT Compliance


Power / Utilities

Business Issue

Due to the changes in Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) a  customer installed a new baghouse system to their boiler.  The baghouse system is used to filter particulates from the stack emissions to meet environmental compliance.

If environmental compliance is not met within the allotted time frame fines can be imposed to the customer.

The addition of the new baghouse created other modifications to the system outlined in a Contract Bid Specification. This contract highlighted the following changes to the control system:

  • New 1000 HP Induced Draft fan and associated mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation modifications.
  • Ash handling system mechanical and electrical modifications
  • Baghouse System integration communications with other boiler control systems

Project Summary

Cornerstone Controls was a subcontractor to the project electrical contractor as stipulated by the Contract Bid Specification. Cornerstone Controls provided automation controls expertise in order to fulfill the plans and specification of the contract.

Scope Responsibility

In order to meet the contract specification provided by the customer, Cornerstone Controls provided a wide range of project scope outlined as follows: 

  • Project Management for the project
  • Provide Equipment submittals in accordance with the contract bid specification
  • Design and configure the interface between the existing DeltaV system and the new reactor / baghouse Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC furnished and programmed by others
  • Modify the existing DeltaV system to provide supervision of the new PLC
  • Modify the existing DeltaV system to add the new points for the ID fan and associated instrumentation identified in the contract
  • Modify the existing Ash Handling system in an Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC identified by the contract
  • Create a data file of the new points for import into the existing OSI PI Process Book Data Mangement System
  • Modify existing graphics for the existing OSI PI Process Book Data Management System
  • Provide control system acceptance testing and field services relevant to the preceding in accordance with contract specification

Technical Resources Required:

  • Project Manager
  • PLC Programmer
  • DeltaV Programmer
  • Electrical Designer
  • Data Historian Programmer


The overall project was under budget and met the customer's delivery of compliance schedule.