DeltaV Upgrade Boiler MACT Compliance



Business Issue

This was an environmental driven project to meet MACT industrial requirements. The new Hydrated Lime System is designed to neutralize  acid gases (HCL) from the boiler flue gas stream.

The system needed to be operational by the end of the scheduled outage.

Upgrade the existing DeltaV hardware and software to take advantage of the latest technology.

Project Summary

The first phase of the project was to upgrade the customer’s existing version 6 DeltaV control system to DeltaV version 8.4.1. The upgrade included replacing the existing ProPlus and Operator workstations and the addition of operator workstations for the new MACT Compliance system.

The second phase of the project was the purchase of the DeltaV controllers, I/O cards, control panel and the drawing services for the MACT Compliance system. Included in the drawings package was a system architecture drawing, a power & grounding drawing, panel layout drawing, panel power distribution, drawing, and I/O schematics.

The third phase of the project was the control system design and configuration services for the Boiler MACT Compliance system. Using requirements provided by the equipment suppliers, Cornerstone developed the DeltaV design specifications, configure the DeltaV control system, tested the control system, demonstrate the operation of the system, and assisted with the installation and commissioning.

Scope Responsibility

Cornerstone Controls was responsible for the following areas associated with the project:

  • Top level Design
  • Detail Design
  • Implementation
  • System Testing
  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • DeltaV Installation
  • Control System Commissioning & Startup
  • Operator Training
  • Control Panel Design:
    • System Architectural Drawing
    • Panel Layout with BOM
    • Power Distribution Drawing
    • I/O Wiring Drawings
    • Panel Acceptance Testing
  • Provide project management for all scope items under the responsibility of Cornerstone Controls
  • Develop and maintain the project schedule
  • Develop Cornerstone Controls' project management plan
  • Participate in project meetings
  • Provide project status reports
  • Provide issues lists and update them periodically
  • Furnish hardware as described in the Bill of Material


The DeltaV control system was delivered under budget and on schedule.