Water Waste Treatment Monitoring System



Business Issue

The Waste Water Treatment system included many remote field devices that were monitoring the status of the various waste water treatment tanks.  Due to the remote location of the devices and lack of centralized notification of the alarms, alarmed conditions were not readily identifiable and resulted in delayed corrective actions.  This was a particular problem during non business hours.

Project Summary

The Waste Water Treatment System is a PLC based system which monitors specific parameters of the waste water treatment system such as well level, pH values, Ammonia concentrations, temperature, UV transmittance, flowrates. The system initiates alarms when these parameters are out of limit including providing notification to remote locations during critical alarm conditions through a paging system.

Scope Responsibility

  • Project Management
  • Hardware and software design including panel layout, power distribution, and I/O drawings
  • Field Instrumentation
  • Control system hardware including:
    • Nema 12 Enclosure
    • Control Logix 5550 Processor and I/O
  • Operator Workstation software consisting of:
    • RSView SE software
    • RS Studio for RSView SE software
  • Operator interface configuration
  • Development and testing of the software
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Interfacing to electrical contractor
  • Onsite support during installation and startup


The system was successfully installed and provides monitoring and alarm information both internally and remotely.