Centrifuge Controls



Business Issue

An existing hydraulic Henkel centrifuge was being refurbished and brought back into service.  As part of the refurbishing, a new DeltaV Control System was integrated with the centrifuge to replace the existing PLC control system.

Project Summary

The DeltaV control system was developed for the Centrifuge.  The project team worked directly with the engineers and the OEM to ensure that the centrifuge control strategy was implemented as needed and that the DetlaV hardware was properly installed in the existing Centrifuge control panel on the centrifuge.  The controls were integrated with the centrifuge at the facility and shipped to the plant.

In addition to the Centrifuge controls, the system also controlled the HVAC system for the control room.  The control system included a remote hardened operator console.  The process area has a Class 1 Div 1 hazardous rating. 

The system was fully validated including the computer system validation documentation and the IQ and OQ testing at the plant.

Scope Responsibility

Overall Project Management for the project including interfacing with the client for the controls strategy development.

  • Hardware Design including: 
    • System Architectural Drawing including interfacing to the existing data historian.
    • Panel layout for the DeltaV components added to the existing control panel.
  • Hardware Procurement for the operator consoles and DeltaV components.
  • Software Design and Development for the centrifuge and the HVAC system.
  • Computer System Validation including:
    • Functional Requirements
    • Design Specification
    • Control System Hardware and Software IQ documents
    • Software OQ documents
    • Operation Manual
  • Onsite Startup and Commissioning support.


The centrifuge system successfully met the centrifuge specifications and process requirements.